Writing Samples

Runner-Up For PWAC’s 2019 Best Feature Article Award!

The Athletic; November 10, 2018

This story explores the life of Scotty Davidson—the captain of Toronto’s first Stanley Cup-winning team—and the mystery surrounding his death on the Western Front. And how former Prime Minister Stephen Harper got the story wrong!

Canadian Running; July/August 2018

How does it feel to race against one of the fastest men in the world? What if he is also your teammate? Those are the questions that inspired this story on Andre de Grasse’s relay teammates and how they challenge and inspire one another.

Bleacher Report; April 7, 2015

The fact that Jim Clark won his final three grands prix fascinated me, but not much had been written about his last F1 race. I interviewed five of the eight surviving drivers from that 1968 grand prix, as well as a number of other people who were there or knew Clark, to piece the story together.

VICE Sports; January 18, 2018

I spent some time in Miami with the UFC’s first Swiss fighter as he was training for a light heavyweight title bout with Daniel Cormier. He gave me incredible access to his life (in part, I think, because of our shared heritage) from the gym, to his home, to a medical appointment, and the result is this in-depth profile.

VICE Sports; August 31, 2015

I watched American Pharoah win the Triple Crown alone in the press room at the Canadian Grand Prix while the British journalists were watching the Champions League, and I knew I needed to write about him. I just needed an angle. The media and fan frenzy surrounding him provided it.

VICE Motherboard; April 24, 2015

Just before Hubble’s 25th anniversary, I came across a brief Wikipedia reference to amateur astronomers that got to use the space telescope during its early days. I tracked a few of them down and for one, as I discovered, it was his first time using any telescope.

Canadian Military History; Winter 2010

This started out as a paper for an Honours History seminar on a 1917 battle fought by the Canadian Corps that had been largely overlooked and forgotten.

Unfortunately, my professor—who provided lots of advice and guidance with this piece—was writing a book at the same time that covered the battle. He scooped me.