Ava’s Sportswriting Debut

My five(soon to be six)-year-old daughter Ava said she wanted to write an article, just like her dad, so we watched qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this morning and took some notes. Here is her story:

Formula One Qualifying

By: Ava Walthert

The track is in the desert, but it is strange because there is water around it. Boats are sailing where the race track is and it reminded me of the Monaco race. When the qualifying is on, it gets dark. It is night time.

Fernando Alonso is focused, but he gets a puncture and Jenson Button passes him. He is out.

Jenson Button has sparks coming from the back of his car. He is a great driver.

Sebastian Vettel thought he had a good lap, but he didn’t, and he is close to the back. Kimi Raikkonen did a good job and he was third.

The Force Indias were in third and fourth earlier and Sergio Perez finished fourth. They’re usually not that fast.

Lewis Hamilton did not let anyone pass him until the last lap. Nico Rosberg passed him on the last lap, so he gets to start first. He was concentrating and pumping his fist because he won.

Lewis Hamilton said, “Nico did a good job today.”

Nico Rosberg said, “I’m enjoying the moment.”

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4 Responses to Ava’s Sportswriting Debut

  1. Tim says:

    Watch out Matthew…your job is in jeopardy!!


  2. Sonia Hamilton says:

    We loved reading your amazing article. Way to go Ava! (Mrs. Hamilton)
    You are the best writer. (Chole)
    You are an awesome writer. (Claire)
    I love your writing. (Emilia)
    You are a good reporter. (Kennedie)
    I like your words. (Rylee)
    You deserve an A for your work.(Austin)
    Your work is awesome. (Emma)
    You are the best writer ever. (Aiden)
    I like your pictures Ava. (Danielle)
    You are the champion at writing. (Summer)


  3. Sonia Hamilton says:

    I loved reading your article Ava. Way to go!
    Mrs. Hamilton


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