Survivorman: Bigfoot

My brother introduced me to Les Stroud’s Survivorman shows and I’ve seen them all and think they’re great. Stroud, if you haven’t seen any of his shows, is informative, entertaining and, as some of my army buddies would say, hard as f***. Plus, he’s Canadian!

I recently started showing the kids a few Survivorman episodes and they love him, too. Every time Stroud eats something weird, Ava says, “Mike, would you eat a scorpion?” or whatever he just ate. And Mike always responds, “Blecccchhhhh!” Now, Stroud is doing a new series called Survivorman: Bigfoot. He is heading out to different places in (mostly western) Canada and the U.S., supposedly looking to provoke an encounter with a sasquatch.

It is a very odd thing for him to do.

Stroud’s greatest asset is his credibility. Unlike Bear Grylls, Stroud survives by himself for a week on his shows, demonstrating survival techniques while filming himself. Bigfoot, to most people (me included, just to be clear), is a myth. But Stroud says he has had certain experiences while alone in the back country that make him wonder whether it is possible that Bigfoot could exist. When he puts it that way, well…it’s hard to prove a negative, isn’t it?

Anyway, the kids love it. Mike just keeps asking, “When the Bigfoot coming?” and “Why us not see the Bigfoot?” Also, he now attributes lots of things he sees to Bigfoot—often “a little, baby Bigfoot.” For example, he was walking with Caitlin the other day and they saw a shopping cart that someone had tipped over in a ravine. Mike said, “Bigfoot did that.”

Photo credit: Caitlin Walthert

Photo credit: Caitlin Walthert

On the shows, Stroud sets up all kinds of high-tech gear to try to capture video footage of a Bigfoot, although even if he got it, I’m not sure what that would prove. There are already plenty of “Bigfoot videos,” but, again, most people don’t think Bigfoot is real.

I’m sure the ratings are great—hey, I’m watching—but I just wonder whether the potential damage the Bigfoot shows might do to Stroud’s image is worth it. I also have a few questions about his techniques, but those will have to wait…maybe I’ll get to ask him over a beer one day. That would make a good article.

Two weeks ago, we took the kids to the forest near our house for a Bigfoot hunt. It was great. They found a “Bigfoot nest” where Ava pointed out the bed, couch, refrigerator and microwave and we saw plenty of footprints and tree structures.

Video coming soon.

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